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Hello everybody!
Especially the fans of Project IGI, and IGI 2: Covert Strike!!!

Some time ago I started this "fansite" on the IGI games. Its called a "wiki" because anyone can edit the pages on it, yes, you can too. You only need a free account and then you can write about and put up screenshots of all your favorite weapons, characters, and missions.

The wiki is called the IGI Databank and we already have a lot of basic info on the missions and characters. But there's still so much to show and tell!!! If we collaborate and pool in what time we get, I'm sure we can take this wiki to the skies! Maybe then, when the developers see our fan-work they will realize that we want an IGI 3!!!

Help out!Edit

Can you help? Do you have a little time now and then? or can you contact your friends who would be willing to write info about Project IGI weapons, characters, missions etc? Pictures can also be uploaded freely and easily if they have any.

If you are interested:

  1. Create a free account - its on the top right
  2. Visit my talk page
  3. Press "Leave a message" on the top menu.
  4. Then write a title and a message. I'm open to suggestions about anything!
  5. Press "Save", and I will respond, soon!
  6. I can show you whatever you're confused about, editing, formatting text, capturing, preparing and uploading images, etc!

So I'm looking forward to some Project IGI fans who don't mind sharing their tips and knowledge about the IGI games. The funstuff that is waiting to be filled includes: Weapon details, Character info and nice quotes.



  • As of June 2009, I've started rewriting all the weapon articles in an enclyclopedic tone adding content based on my experience with IGI 1, and especially IGI 2. I'm even creating new articles for weapons that don't have any yet.
  • As of 20th June 2009, I've created content for all the weapon pages with a one-line descriptor as the minimum. The formatting is changed with headers no longer being used to seperate IGI 1/2 notes. Instead we use the full game names to avoid ambiguity.
  • As of 21st June 2009: I'll continue editing and improving the pages offline due to its convenience. Its only because of this wiki-text management style (offline) that I'm able to find some time every now and then to write upon the subject. When I complete some basic info about the weapon, I'll release it publicly. Feel free to contribute to the weapon pages in the mean time; I keep a watch on everything and I'll incorporate your notes into the article.
  • As of 11th Aug 2009: Exciting things are coming! I'm creating Infoboxes for all the weapons, which will include both tactical and the little technical details that we can gather from the games. Infoboxes for the few Characters will also be created, Stay tuned!
  • As of 13th Aug 2009: Yay! The infoboxes for weapons and characters are created, all documented and ready to use. Yes, I've already begun incorporating the weapon infoboxes into the weapon articles I'm writing.
  • As of 19th Aug 2009: I'm first adding infoboxes to all the character pages, since there are less of those, and so I'll get that done faster. Also, the characters are pivotal to the plot and and therefore more important.
  • As of 23th Aug 2009: Infoboxes for all the characters have been finished! You can see the finished work here: Jones, Anya, Phillip, Robert, Lenehan, Xing, Zaleb, Jach, Ekk, Harrison, Josef


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