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Twin Uzi is the dual version of an Uzi. Very good to assault enemy inside buildings.

Project IGI

Twin Uzis have a rate of fire of 1800 RPM i.e. double than a single Uzi. They have very poor accuracy because of high recoil. So, they are best used as a close range weapon.

They are referred to as "Double Uzis" when picking them up, and "Uzi × 2" in the HUD while holding them.

Twin Uzis have no reload animation; both Uzis are taken off screen during the reload time and then brought back up once reload is finished.

IGI 2: Covert Strike

Twin Uzis have same rate of fire as they had in Project IGI. They are only available in multiplayer mode, and now have a proper reload animation, unlike Project IGI.

They are referred to as "Twin Uzi" in the HUD, "Double Uzis" when picking them up, and "Uzi x2" when trading them for another weapon.


Project IGI

  • Eagle's Nest I: Found in a room at ground floor of security building at second base
  • Nuclear Infiltration: Found in the office building at the final checkpoint
  • Finding the bomb: Found in a room with a large number of Russian soldiers (alternate route to the room with elevator where Ekk goes)

IGI 2: Covert Strike

  • Only found in multiplayer; can be bought by both IGI and Conspiracy teams



  • In IGI 2, the twin Uzis have a fire rate of 1800 RPM like in IGI 1, which is odd since the single Uzi's fire rate was reduced to 600 RPM in IGI 2 compared to 900 RPM in IGI 1.
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