In the IGI games, sound is what brings the gameworld to life. Everything from people to weapons to buildings contribute to the sound-scape, including the finely composed Soundtrack.

  • With every movement and action, the player makes noise.
  • Enemy guards can be heard walking, talking and preparing their weapons.
  • During gunbattles, sound is an effective means of tracking enemies.
  • Weapons have unique reloading and firing noises, as they do in real life.
  • Interacting with objects such as doors and gates is noisy enough to alert guards

IGI 1Edit

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IGI 2Edit

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Enemy SpeechEdit

Prerecorded speech is an integral part of the IGI 2 experience, letting the player know what the enemy group AI is thinking, how alerted or suspicious an enemy is, and whether you have been spotted. The speech was recorded in different languages based on the enemy geographical location, giving the player a feel of what infiltration into foreign territory would be like, maintaining the realism factor.


  • Hoshamir-Whoasamir
  • Hoshaishi-rehno
  • Arn-dhey
  • Mythee-aye-waugh
  • Wo-shai-shereno
  • Yeah-na-thar
  • Aasma-tey-dhe-thoreohno
  • Dev-arga
  • bah-teh-lor
  • koomphilaah
  • gethabova

Egyptian and LibyanEdit

  • Aila-hovalan
  • Fakh-teh-aala-yama
  • Vain-hovalan
  • Bal-hizer
  • Aila-o
  • Futhishol-mathishor
  • Arkter-silin-sabh
  • Yah-heh-silin-sarr
  • Yah-hidri
  • Fakh-teh-aala-e
  • roof makanir-aamir


  • Nash-ah-shay
  • Jens-hahg-igg-ah-choo-ree
  • Had-e-nari
  • Haj-e-nar
  • Haj-u-nan
  • Hag-wah
  • Say-chin-ally
  • Ser-gee
  • Soh-deo-day
  • Bowh-du-gad-a-swee

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