The M82A1 is an anti-material sniper rifle. As the name indicates, its rounds can pierce through walls and surfaces (if not very thick).

IGI 2: Covert Strike:Edit

M82A1 is usually equipped by snipers in the Chinese missions. Although it is very power, it creates significant noise when fired, though this can be overcome by its long range, which exceeds 1800 meters.

M82A1 is most expensive weapon in multiplayer. It can be purchased by both teams, at a high cost of $13500.

M82A1 shares ammo with M82A1-T, which has a thermal scope.

Appearances: Edit

 IGI 2: Covert Strike: Edit

  • Air-strike: Found on two snipers (use map to see them)


* = I.G.I.: I'm Going In only
** = I.G.I.-2: Covert Strike only
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