The M16A2 is an automatic assault rifle, that is useful in close-quarter battles and for basic sniping, being more accurate than the AK-47. It is featured in both IGI games and is never carried by any enemies, so its ammo must be conserved unlike weapons that groups of enemies wield. It also has a M203 grenade launcher which is effective against small groups of enemies. It is a noisy weapon and typically gives away the player's location, though it is suitable for sniping being moderately accurate even at ranges greater than 250m. Though in both games the M16A2 is depicted of being capable of automatic fire, in real life it fires three round bursts instead (the M16A3 is fully-automatic though).

Project IGI: Edit

M16 A2 is the starting weapon in some missions and also found in enemy's barracks in others. It is also wielded by friendlies but not by any enemies.

It has a 20 rounds magazine and shares ammo with the Minimi, as they are both chambered in 5.56x45mm.

After every grenade shot, Jones incorrectly pumps the M203 like a shotgun instead of ejecting the shell and insert a new grenade in.

IGI 2: Covert Strike:Edit

M16A2 is the starting weapon in missions Bridge Across the Dnestr, Ambush and Production Facility. It is also wielded by Phillip White when he betrays IGI, and also by IGI Operatives in the final cutscene but not by any enemies.

It is inaccurate at long ranges due to high rate of fire and recoil and also alerts the enemy, when quieter weapons such as the G-17SD can be used to maintain stealth.

However, it is best suited to close-quarter battles. Its grenade launcher can be used in desperate situations though more ammo is never available.

Grenade Launcher now correctly functions as its real life counterpart, but Jones can only carry a maximum of 3 grenades and no ammo can be found.


  • In both games, Jones holds the magazine and keeps his finger ready at the grenade launcher's trigger so it can be fired immediately upon pressing Alternate Fire. When reloading however, he holds the barrel and swap magazine with his right hand, unlike the Type 64 SMG.
  • Friendly troops use the M16A2 at the final cutscene in IGI 2 while battling the Chinese. However, it incorrectly uses G36's firing sound.
  • When trading the M16A2 with another weapon in IGI 2, it is referred to as "M-16/M203".


* = I.G.I.: I'm Going In only
** = I.G.I.-2: Covert Strike only
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