Kim Martin Jensen composed and recorded all the background scores for IGI 1 and IGI 2, immersing the player in a world of espionage and excitement.

Soundtrack History

Project IGI: I'm Going In was recorded in 1999, and was published by Eidos Interactive, which recieved overwhelmingly good reviews on the sound and music. After that success, it wasn't hard to figure out where to go next.

IGI 2: Covert Strike was recorded in 2002, signed with a different publisher; Codemasters. IGI 2 is by far the most comprehensive title Kim has worked on in terms of music and sound design. A lot of time and resources went into creating a suitable and credible aural environment for this title. It was a huge challenge getting IGI 2 to sound impressive enough for the next generation of games being published in 2003, but according to reviewers across the globe, it seems like she succeeded again.

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