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I.G.I.-2: Covert Strike
8. Libyan Rendezvous



  1. Meet the bribed local militia man to be guided to the surveilance room
  2. Shut down the surveillance cameras for the hotel
  3. Pick up explosive charge
  4. Blow up the refueling vehicle in the market place
  5. Neutralise the intelligence operatives guarding Priboi
  6. Get to the hotel and rescue priboi


Objective 1

Protect your contact until he reaches the surveillance room

C4 is by the door

Watch out for snipers on the rooftops

  • As soon as you reach the jetty, drop to a crouch.
  • Move up the jetty and kill the lone guard when he’s standing by the crates and can’t see you.
  • Head straight on from the jetty (with the civilian on your left) and up the main street.
  • Turn left. Kill the guard in the alley with your handgun, then the sniper with a long-range headshot.
  • Now head further down the alley.
  • Head into the alcove with boxes nearby and lie flat.
  • Quickly kill the two guards with headshots.
  • Move towards the bodies at a crouch and look down the next alley to your right, and up. Shoot the guard on the roof ahead.
  • Go back to the start and meet the civilian.

Objective 2

  • Follow the civilian — you need him alive. He will give the password and you can now get into the surveillance room.
  • Crouch round the door.
  • You should be able kill the guard straight away before he spots you
  • Shoot the camera inside before turning the system off.

Objective 3

  • Turn back, and look for a ladder near the corner you just came round.
  • Climb the ladder.
  • Kill the sniper out with a headshot from your handgun, and grab the C4.

Objective 4

  • Jump over the balcony next to the C4 (towards the market) and land on the ground.
  • Crouch through the archway ahead and to your left.
  • You will see the truck for objective 4 ahead.
  • Crouch round the edge of the marketplace and plant the C4.

Objective 5

  • Once the C4 is planted, move directly ahead from the truck towards the hotel containing Priboi, but stay in the marketplace.
  • Head for the stalls and croue entrance.

Objective 6

  • Go upstairs, turn left and meet up with your old pal Priboi...

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