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I.G.I.-2: Covert Strike
5. Ambush


Quest: Nice mess you made there, Jones. Search the convoy and grab the cargo.

Quest: There's an APC securing the perimeter. so if I was you I'd be quick about it.

Quest: Watch your ammo, too — you're gonna need it.

Jones: Really? I would never have thought of that. Then what?

Quest: I'm coming to pick you up with the goods lust as soon as you've taken care of that APC and anyone in it. Don't want to scratch my chopper's paint job!


  1. Destroy the APC using the rocker launcher found in the convoy
  2. Pick up the EMP chips from the trucks in the convoy
  3. Await the helicopter for evacuation


Objective 1

Pick up rocket launcher from back of truck

  • You need to destroy the APC as soon as possible
  • Run towards the convoy, dropping to a walk as you approach, then a crouch.
  • Move behind the guard on the south-western edge of the convoy, and stab him.
  • Next draw your handgun, and shoot the guard directly to your right, then the guard on the opposite side of the truck.
  • Head round the back of the last truck, shoot the guard in the bushes and the one at the front of the convoy.
  • Draw your primary weapon, quickly kill the guard on the hill, then drop flat to the ground.
  • Shoot the last guard from under the truck, then grab the rocket launcher in the back of the middle truck.
  • Use this to destroy the APC before it drops off any reinforcements.

Objective 2

  • Pick the lock on the back of the secure truck and grab the chips
  • Move to the extraction point northeast of the main compound on the hill.

Objective 3

  • Stay well out of sight until Quest arrives with the helicopter, then get in. And...

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