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Igi2 mission4

I.G.I.-2: Covert Strike
4. Bridge Across the Dnestr


Igi2 m4 b1

White: That went better than I expected Jones. We can verify the chip you found is what were after. But...

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IGI Scientist: This is most unusual! The chip you came back with is an Electro- Magnetic Pulse chip, but not the prototype. It's not even a copy, but an improved version.

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White: God knows how many more of these things are out there.

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White: Luckily, those research logs you found have given us a new lead.

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White: A convoy with a consignment of chips is heading for a military base near the Ukrainian border.

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White: We need you to intercept that convoy at once, and retrieve those chips.

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White: It's going to be here in 15 minutes, you don't have much time. Quest will pilot a chopper and get you to the ambush point.

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White: Its a bridge near the base. First, you'll need to infiltrate the installation to acquire explosives and fuses.

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White: Find the equipment, then take out the bridge.

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White: Make sure you're on the right side of the bridge before its demolished!

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Quest: That place'll be hotter than the hinges o' hell once your charges go off...


1. Infiltrate the warehouse, and acquire four C4 charges

2. Acquire the timers and fuses from a patrol near the bridge

3. Set a C4 on each one of the four supporting pillars of the bridge

4. Get to safety, before the bridge explodes, on the side of the river where the convoy is


Objective 1Edit

4. Bridge Across the Dnestr 1
4. Bridge Across the Dnestr 2

Attach C4 to all four supporting struts

  • Head straight down the hill, across the road and make your way slowly up the path to the main gates.
  • Lie flat, and hide in some cover.
  • Kill the patrolling enemies one-by-one.
  • Move to the main gate and enter the compound.
  • Use the pad to get into the second part of the compound and hide behind the truck.
  • Make your way behind the cargo containers and kill the patrolling guard.
  • From behind the cargo containers, shoot the security camera and duck back into cover.
  • Keep using cover to kill the guards who come to investigate.
  • You should be able to quickly kill the two guards left who are standing by the fence near the destroyed camera.
  • Head for the door into the warehouse and use your Thermal Imaging to establish the positions of the guards inside.
  • Enter the building and kill the three guards – try and get the guard on the walkway first.
  • Shoot the camera, pick the lock on the gates and grab the C4.

Objective 2Edit

  • Leave the compound by the eastern entrance.
  • Move towards objective 2, and head down behind the truck closest to the road, keeping out of sight.
  • As the patrolling guard passes by, crawl out and grab the detonators. Now crawl backwards (don’t turn here) away from the pickup.
  • Now turn and head back behind the truck once a you are few metres away.

Objective 3Edit

  • Head over to the south side of the bridge, circling round the road to stay out of sight.
  • Quickly move onto the bridge before the guards at objective 2 spot you, and then shoot the guards patrolling the bridge.
  • The guard nearest objective 2 has to be killed with a headshot.
  • Once they’re dead, move round to the north side of the bridge and place some C4 onto each main supporting strut of the bridge.
  • Make sure the last C4 is placed on the south-western strut, and leave the bridge via the south side – quickly.

Objective 4Edit

  • Make sure you are on the right side of the river
  • Keep running as the blast from the C4 on the bridge can kill you.


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