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IGI Databank: IGI 2 > Campaign 1 Russia > Mission 3: The Weather Station

I.G.I.-2: Covert Strike
3. The Weather Station



  1. Pick up laser cutter from air drop
  2. Steal papers from the safe
  3. Disable the security system and override the airlock to get access to lab
  4. Steal prototype EMP chip from the lab
  5. Raise the weather balloon and await evacuation


Objective 1

  • Quickly kill the two guards who spotted the airdrop and grab the laser cutters, ammunition, and the sniper rifle.after this kill al patrulators in the zone.

Objective 2

  • Circle round to the left to avoid the patrol and move up the mountain to the building.
  • Take the long route round to the South (your right) of the house staying low to avoid detection. You can use Thermal Imaging to identify the guard positions.
  • Watch for guards patrolling the hill. The silenced sniper rifle is perfect for shooting these.
  • Once you get to the weather station, keep down below the crest of the hill and move around the buildings.
  • There are 4 enemies in the woods to your right. Kill them silently from a distance with G-17 SD.
  • Get into the objective 2 building .
  • Kill the guard with your gun, or use the knife.
  • Crack the safe to get the papers and get out.

Objective 3

Taking down the door with the Laser Cutter and a knife.

  • Make sure you kill the two scientists inside the lab containing objective 4.
  • Enter in objective 3 building.
  • Once inside, avoid the camera to hack the computer and turn off the security, there is a guard in the room.

Objective 4

  • Make your way into the research hut.
  • Once inside, hack the first airlock door, enter and turn round.
  • Press the switch on the wall to close the door behind you.
  • Open the final door into the lab, using the laser cutter on the steel door and grab the chips.

Objective 5

  • Now run back outside and use the crank to raise the weather balloon.
  • Plane will get you away through weather balloon... and...

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