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Igi2 mission2

I.G.I.-2: Covert Strike
2. Deep in the Mines


White : Hey Jones, you made it, good work. Get through there and access the airshaft up to the surface. Expect some resistance covering the tunnel - nothing a guy like you can't handle I'm sure. There's a mini-railway down there; use it. Watch out for security cameras, they’ll blow your cover. Our comms link won’t work much deeper than this, so you'll be on your own for a while. Just had an Intel update, you’ll need some specialist equipment in the mountains. I'm organizing an airdrop; I hope you’re grateful.


1. Gain access to lower cave system

2. Disable security system

3. Open doors to tunnel

4. Ride the train to the ventilation shaft

5. Use ventilation shaft to gain access to the weather station


Objective 1Edit

2. Deep in the Mines 1

Entrance to ventilation shaft

2. Deep in the Mines 2

Underground installation

  • Walk straight ahead - don’t run.
  • Move behind the truck. Time your movement to pass behind the patrolling guard’s back.
  • Keep moving straight ahead
  • Open the rusting hatch to uncover an old vent. Head into the vent and move down to the lower cavern.

Objective 2Edit

  • You must stay hidden throughout this objective
  • Wait until the two patrolling guards’ backs are turned and, staying crouched, move behind the shed.
  • Use the thermal imaging device and the peek function to determine when it’s safe to move.
  • Now move along the left side of the train before taking a wide arc round behind the second hut.
  • Using the boxes for cover you should be able to get into the control room without being seen.
  • Use the computer terminal there to disable the cameras.
  • Grab the grenades from the shelf before you leave.

Objective 3Edit

  • Wait until the guards patrolling by the vent have turned their backs.
  • Now silently kill the lone guard by the tunnel door.
  • Use the keypad to open the door.

Objective 4Edit

  • Quickly run back to the train and power it up to start your journey into the tunnel.
  • Keep crouched in the drivers cab, then jump into the cargo containers and lie flat.

Objective 5Edit

  • At the end of the track, get out of the carriage(where is carriage?) and head towards the vent door.
  • Now open the door to the ventilation shaft.
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