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I.G.I.-2: Covert Strike
18. Mission Control



  1. Sabotage radar control
  2. Call for repairs
  3. Gain access to launch control compound
  4. Acquire launch codes
  5. Reprogram navigational computer
  6. Override launch control
  7. Slide down the wire to the launch pad


Objective 1

Compound entrance

Building which contains objective 1

  • Run towards the compound and hide in the bushes
  • Kill the guards in the towers and near the fences with the sniper rifle
  • Move to the hut by the front gate
  • Kill the guard in the hut with the SMG2
  • Use the computer to open the gate
  • Sneak past the camera into the compound
  • Hide in the bushes on the right
  • When it is clear run to the next hut
  • Silently kill the guard and use the computer to open the gates
  • Go to the left and around the back of the warehouse
  • Enter the door on the right
  • Head left through the room with the rockets in
  • If you time it right you can crawl through without being spotted.
  • Exit through the door on the left and pick the padlock to the gates
  • Go around to the front of the raised building and run up the ramp and quickly through the door.
  • Hack the computer.

Objective 2

  • Run out and duck behind the crates underneath the building
  • Crawl to the other raised building in that area shooting the guard on the wall to your right
  • Run up the ramp and through the three doors
  • Now use the equipment in the corner

Objective 3

  • Leave the building and head towards the stone wall around the control compound.
  • Go through the gate avoiding the scientist.

Objective 4

  • Run past all the cameras in the next area.
  • In the building, remain crouched at all times.
  • Go towards the door to the right.
  • Open the door and shoot the guard
  • Immediately shoot the camera that is to the left of the door.
  • Now hack the computer in that room.
  • Leave the room and approach the next door along.
  • Open the door, shoot the guard and collect the briefcase.

Objective 5

Cable on roof

  • In the launch control area, again stay crouched
  • Kill the guards in the main area first.
  • If any guards see this, kill them before they reach the alarm button.
  • Now kill the scientist
  • Go downstairs
  • Go through the door on the right to the navigation terminal
  • Now kill the guard and hack the computer.

Objective 6

  • Stay crouched and kill any guards outside
  • Run to the opposite room and hack the computer

Objective 7

  • Go back up the stairs and turn left
  • Kill any remaining guards on the roof
  • Go up the two ladders and use the wire for...

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