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I.G.I.-2: Covert Strike
16. The Ancient Temple



  1. Neutralise enemy snipers
  2. Gain access to main gatehouse
  3. Disable security cameras
  4. Re-align satellite dish
  5. Gain access to main temple building


Objective 1

Snipers and rocket launcher viewed through thermal scope.

  • Stay in the hills and shoot from places where you cannot be seen.
  • Firstly, shoot the guard on the far wall.
  • Next, shoot the two snipers in the nearest tower.
  • Move left so that the front gatehouse guards are visible using the thermal Imaging.
  • Kill the nearest sniper on the gatehouse, followed quickly by the other two.
  • You can then kill the last 2 snipers in the furthest tower.

Objective 2

  • Remain in the hills using your sniper rifle
  • Shoot the guard on patrol when he is between the alarm button and the roof.
  • Kill the guard at the second gatehouse
  • Now kill the guard by the truck in the lower compound.
  • Do this while the guard near the alarm is not looking.
  • In compound 2, shoot the guard on the far side and the soldiers in the tent.
  • In the third compound shoot the 2 guards near the walls, when they are out of sight.
  • Now run down to the base and enter the compound
  • Silently kill any remaining guards
  • Move up onto the balcony above the gate.

Objective 3

Objectives 3 and 4 are in the buildings to the left and right.

  • Move north along the balcony and climb onto the wall by the north guard tower.
  • Run along the wall until you are above the compound containing the objective.
  • Quickly jump down into the courtyard and sneak under the camera behind the crates
  • When the camera turns away, sneak into the security camera hut
  • Kill the guard inside with your knife and use the terminal to disable the cameras.

Objective 4

  • Exit the hut and turn right to go around the back of the hut
  • Make sure you stay to the east of the stone wall.
  • Go southwards to the hut containing the objective.
  • Enter the hut and realign the satellite dish.
  • Silently kill any guards who spot you

Objective 5

Objective 5 can be reached by cable or scaffolding.

  • Use your map before you leave the hut.
  • When it is clear, crawl around to the pylon
  • Hack the lock and then climb the ladder
  • Now slide down the wire to the temple compound
  • Jump into the compound.
  • At the south-western corner of the temple, you should see some scaffolding,
  • Wait until the guards move away from the scaffolding then drop down off the wall,
  • Quickly climb the scaffolding and move round the back of the temple.
  • Pick the lock to enter the temple and...

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