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I.G.I.-2: Covert Strike
15. Air-Strike



  1. Get in range and tag 1st SAM launcher
  2. Get in range of 2nd SAM launcher before friendly fighter is shot down
  3. Tag 2nd SAM launcher
  4. Move to drop zone and collect equipment canister


Objective 1

Sam site destroyed by bomber

  • Get down the hill without being detected by the minimi guard
  • Take shelter and under the first tree and with laser tag the first SAM without any detection
  • After the explosion, climb the hill behind Jones and proceed to the lake

Objective 2

  • Few metres away and then run south.
  • Go down the slope to the lake
  • You need to enter the lake as far to the East as you can
  • Swim to the south east and exit the lake on the shallow slope
  • Silently kill any guards nearby.
  • When you get to the North of the second SAM site, keep west under the crest of the ridge and then head south, keeping low.
  • Move up the slope.
  • Soon you should be able to see the whole site to the east.

Objective 3

  • Once you are within 50m, target the site for 20 seconds.

Objective 4

  • Climb the hill.
  • Use the Map Computer to avoid detection.
  • Kill the soldiers around the drop site and run into the smoke to pick up the canister.

[ M I S S I O N   C O M P L E T E ]


Anya will update you about Wu XING, the man whom you taken the snaps. He is a high ranking officer in the Chinese Army. Also, you will get M82A1-T, a thermal sniper rifle, capable of killing enemies from behind a ton of concrete with thermal scope, which is an important weapon in the next mission.


  • The "stealth bomber" which is seen in this mission is actually a F-35 stealth fighter jet, which although isn't a dedicated stealth bomber, is capable of performing airstrikes on ground targets.