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I.G.I.-2: Covert Strike
14. Island Assault



  1. Turn off the power supply for the radar facility
  2. Disable radar terminal
  3. Disable communications terminal


Objective 1

Power generators

  • As soon as this mission starts, head to your right towards the cargo containers ahead, keeping a close eye on the guards in the beach area.
  • When you are close enough kill these three with the AUG.
  • Stay close to the bottom of the cliff and head cautiously for the objective site.
  • Go to the foot of the grassy slope leading to the power generators.
  • Shoot the first guard in the head when the other one has his back to you and is half way up the slope.
  • Then shoot the sniper in the bunker.
  • Finally shoot the other guard.
  • Move up the slope
  • Shoot the guard nearest the bunker first, then the one patrolling the fuel tank area.
  • Throw a grenade into the compound and then run around the corner to finish off any survivors.
  • Pick up the rifle from the sniper you killed in the bunker.
  • Hack the compound gate.
  • Hit the two switches to complete the objective.

Objective 2

  • Use the Thermal Imaging to shoot the two guards inside the tent through the sides.
  • Pick up the sniper rifle next to the locker and head back outside.
  • Kill all the guards you can, concentrating on those closest to the alarm button first.
  • Run back and get your AUG.
  • Now move over to the radio control building containing objective 2.
  • Now wait until all of the guards have left the building and kill them very quickly by using the RPG from the RPG soldier and some grenades.
  • You need to fire and rush into the building to stop anyone pressing the alarm.
  • Or if the guards don’t come out, sneak in and shoot them one by one.
  • With the alarm covered you can pick off any other guards.
  • Move to the end of the building and break the terminal.

Objective 3

  • Run back out the same way you came in.
  • You need to quickly get up the slope on your left and to objective 3 before the new soldiers get in position.
  • Observe them on the Map Computer to make sure you’re out of sight.
  • If and only if, the guards get into position, crawl to their location, observe their routes, and kill them silently with your SMG. Otherwise their shooting sounds will carry and they will sound the alarm, thus failing the mission.
  • Crouch and enter the second building.
  • Kill the first guard without being seen.
  • Kill all the guards who come out, with headshots and cover the alarm in front of you at any cost.
  • Keep low behind the crates and carefully check the passages to the sides as you move down the corridor.
  • When it’s all clear hack the transmitter to complete the mission.

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