IGI2 12 Zaleb's Stronghold

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I.G.I.-2: Covert Strike
12. Zaleb's Stronghold



  1. Exterminate the enemies heading for the radio station before they warn of your arrival
  2. Get Priboi's Briefcase, and eliminate Zaleb
  3. Get back to the helicopter with the briefcase


Objective 1

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Shoot the fuel containers to kill the RPG soldiers on the rooftop.
  • You start the mission in the back of the helicopter you stole from the airfield.
  • Shoot the fuel containers to kill the RPG soldiers on the rooftop.
  • Now kill the soldiers who are heading for the truck.
  • Kill any remaining soldiers on the ground.

Objective 2

  • Fire into the other helicopter to kill the men inside.
  • As you approach the side of the mountain you will also come under fire.
  • Again kill the RPG soldiers first, followed by the others.
  • Shooting the barrels by the trucks will help.
  • Next you fly past a mountain lookout position
  • Shoot the soldiers quickly.
  • As you fly around the main base shoot the guards on the rooftops
  • On the second fly past shoot the guards in the towers.
  • Then use your remaining ammo on the two main buildings, hopefully killing many of the guards inside.
  • As you land, wait for the guards to come out of the nearest building and shoot them all.
  • Now head for the two large buildings. Watch for guards coming out.
  • Once the area is cleared a little, head inside the larger building. Be careful, there’s likely to be some guards left.
  • You need to get into the 2nd room on the first floor.
  • Kill all of the room’s occupants.
  • Now grab the briefcase on the shelf at the back.

Objective 3

  • A final group of guards from the garage are now in your way.
  • Go up on to the roof and use any weaponry you find there.
  • Once the area is clear, you can get to the helicopter.

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