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I.G.I.-2: Covert Strike
10. Priboi's Villa



  1. Take Backup of Priboi's computer records
  2. Pick up the envelope located in the safe in Priboi's bedroom
  3. Get out of there in Priboi's Limousine, located in the garage compound


Objective 1

10 Priboi's Villa 1.jpg

  • Lie flat on the ground and shoot the 3 guards ouside the villa.
  • Kill the sniper on top of the highest building.
  • Similarly kill all the guards you can see from the mountain.
  • Now come near the villa and pick up Uzi of the 3 guards you killed in the beginning.
  • Pick up the lock of the main gate and immediatly kill the guard on the right side and run upstairs. Unlock the door and kill the guard.
  • Climb the ladder and lie in such a position that your gun points towards the door.
  • Make some noise so that everyone notice where you are. Guards will come upstair one by one. Kill them. Its very easy.
  • Once all guards are killed, drop down into the room, pick up some ammo and come down. Kill any survivor (if any).
  • Shoot the Camera and drop your Uzi near the inner gate after shooting the other two cameras.
  • Now go into the building in the left side. Upstairs there are two guards, kill them and pick up jackhammer.
  • Now come to the inner gate and unlock it.
  • After unlockin it, many guards will come one by one. Kill them Go back and pick up the uzi you threw there.
  • Now come downstairs, kill the remaining guards. When you reach the pool, shoot the camera.
  • Break the window to enter the bedroom. Here is your objective 1.

Objective 2

  • Head into the room opposite, open the safe next to the bed and take the papers.

Objective 3

  • Head back out the way you came, sneak your way through the garage compound to reach the garage
  • Open the garage and steal the limousine.

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