SAM Base is the second mission of Project IGI.


Jones has successfully arrived at the base where SAM launchers are deployed. Now, he has to neutralize these batteries in order to ensure safe insertion and extraction from the Military Airbase, along with Josef Priboi. He has to acquire C4 explosive charges and then place each of them at SAM batteries, before extracting through a helicopter.


Anya: The next objective is to disable the local air defenses.

Jones: Why not use the truck to evacuate Josef from the airfield?

Anya: Too slow. Way too slow. It's too much of a risk. Josef's our only link with the heist. He knew not only the warhead had been taken, he knew where, how, Heck! He even quoted the warhead's damn serial number. We must have him in one piece and alive.

Jones: What about me?

Anya: Here's what you have to do. Immediately infiltrate the SAM battery. You will find explosives here, set them on each of the SAM sites. Escape to the final rendezvous point, and then detonate the explosive devices. Once you are at the rendezvous point we can pick you up by chopper and fly directly to the military airbase.


  1. Locate and retrieve the C4 charges from the warehouse
  2. Place one charge on each of the SAM launchers
  3. Proceed to the extraction point


For the walkthrough of this mission, click here.


Jones is able to find three C4 bombs, and later sets each of them at SAM launchers, before going to a helipad, not faraway and detonating the charges, resulting in the destruction of the SAM batteries. With anti-air threat neutralized, his chopper arrives, taking him directly to the Military Airbase.


  • Knife: Given at the beginning of the mission
  • Glock 17: Given at the beginning of the mission
  • MP5SD3: Given at the beginning of the mission
  • AK47: Found on the guards
  • M16A2: Found in one of the three barracks at first base. A trio of grenades are found in the same barracks, another trio is found behind a crate adjacent to another barracks in the second base
  • Minimi: Found on the guards in the bunkers
  • Hand Grenade: Found in the small warehouse with C4 bombs
  • Flashbang: Found in the small warehouse with C4 bombs
  • Proximity Mine: Found in the small warehouse with C4 bombs
  • C4: Found in the small warehouse
  • Medipak: found lying below computer inthe barracks second to that having M16A2
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