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1. Locate the bomb and disable it. Find Ekk and kill her.



Equip the Mp5 SD3. Leave the cable car and climb the stairs. You'll see two pillars to the right. Get in front of the first pillar (don't go too far or the enemies will see you) and use alternate fire to kill the 2 enemies. Reload your gun and take both AK47's. If you're playing HARD mode then when you pass the right-hand entrance another enemy will shoot at you (Don't worry, you won't be hit). Again if you're playing HARD mode you will need to go back a little (leave some distance between yourself and the entrance). Equip the AK47 and press strafe (If you are on the left side of the entrance press right strafe and vice versa) also jump and shoot. Keep doing this until the enemy there dies. If you're in NORMAL mode it's no problem, just look at the enemy and shoot him. Open the left-hand door after taking another AK47. Run on a bit further, then just shoot anywhere to stop the enemy walking forward. In NORMAL mode just kill him. After the enemy stops go around to the left-hand side.

NOTE: There's Mp5 SD3 ammo around to the left. But if you take it another enemy will be waiting there for you.

After you find another door get prepared for a fight. Open the door and kill an enemy to the right. Go right a little and you'll spot another man, kill him. Press the button and take the AK47's, not forgetting to reload it. Press the button in the elevator and go to the right side of the elevator then duck. Don't get too close to the door. When the door opens a man will be standing to the left of the room, shoot him. Look at your map and zoom in once. You can see that the nearest enemy is standing still and looking at this room. Wait until he goes back to patrolling again before taking him out or take him one on one (If you reckon you're a bit of a professional).

Equip the Dragunov and go to the North wall from the elevator building. You can see two enemies on the big wall, kill them. Wait here until another enemy appears on the ground behind the wall (Use the binoculars to see him). Kill him with the Dragunov too and take the Minimi from him. Go to the West and there will be an entrance on the right. Approach it and walk a little further, you'll see another enemy on the roof. Kill him with the Dragunov. Carry on and you'll see another two enemies on the big wall, kill them both. When you can see a hangar go behind it and look for lots of boxes. Jump onto them and jump into the next area (Where you shot the enemy on the roof). Look at the map. Zoom once and look over to the West. There should be an enemy patrolling on the big wall and one on the ground. Now, here's the trick: Wait until the man on the big wall is heading North and the enemy on the ground is also going North. Then, kill them both with the Dragunov. If your ammo is depleted use the AK47. You'll get additional ammo later.

Next, use the binoculars to see someone standing in front of the house. Approach him and shoot him in the head. Go up to the building near you (not the building behind the man but the previous one) and take the Medipack in it. Now go to the building behind the dead man and take the Dragunov ammo. Use the binoculars again and look for 2 more enemies, one is patrolling and the other standing. Kill both enemies on the big wall and go to the fence. Yet again use the binoculars to see an enemy patrolling on the second floor of the building. Kill him with Dragunov. Go to the left and you'll see a button. Push the button to open the gate. Go right and you'll see another enemy around to the right. Kill him. Go left a little and there's another guard. Kill him too. Go a little further left and an enemy will be patrolling. Kill him. Carry on up a little to see two enemies on the big wall to the left. Kill them both. I know it seems to be going on forever, but you're getting through it!. There's a building to your left. Follow this building until you see a fence and 2 rocks?. Jump on them twice and then jump into the next area. Go on up a little and you'll find a door to your left. It's hard to see but there is one there.

Equip the AK47 and open the door. Kill the guy in front of you and go down the ladder. There's a door in front of you. Go to the right side of the door and when you open it kill the man in the corner of the room. There will be another guard waiting for you, so strafe left into the corner and you'll see where the next enemy is. Go and kill him (you've got a licence to murder!) Next, carry on your way until you are outside again, equip the Dragunov and go to the wall on the left. There are 2 watchtowers on the right, you can see them by using the Map. Go left a little until you can see the enemy. Usually, he can see you too, so kill him quickly. Go left a little until you can see the next watchtower and quickly kill the enemy. Next, go to the right-hand side of the wall and there will be an enemy standing there. Kill him.

Go West a little until you can see another soldier to your right. Kill him. You can now enter the elevator area freely. Push the button to open the elevator's door and activate the elevator. Hide in the left rear corner of the elevator as there will be an enemy in front of the elevator when the door opens. Kill him and then the other guy on the left. Next, open the door. There's an enemy at the far corner of the next room,  kill him. Then look to the right side until you see the guy standing there. Kill him. Open the door and you'll find yourself in a tunnel. Go straight You will see a door in front of you. Open it and climb the ladder to your right. Open the door and wait until the mission ends.

Graphic Walkthrough

From this level, the enemies you'll encounter will be Spetsnaz soldiers. They are a bit more difficult to kill (go for head-shots whenever possible), they react faster and they can see 75 meters (as compared to the earlier nearsighted 50 meter-soldiers). You start in the cable car. Unfortunately, you obviously dropped all the fancy grenades and weapons you picked up in level 11 out through the window of the cable car (Oh well). In this level, you ought to be cautious. You should not forget that now onwards dreadful Spetsnaz soldiers will go against you...!

Lvl12 01.jpg

Exit the cable car. Select your Mp5 or Dragunov. See the "pillar" (or whatever) on the wall? Stand in front of it (at the guard's left side) and stick close to the wall, so that you line up the guards. Then shoot either a double headshot with the Dragunov or shoot a salvo with the Mp5 (aim for the heads).

Pick up the first guard's AK47 and shoot the guard waiting around the corner.

Pick up some ammo, reload and open the door. A guard will appear from a side corridor a bit further down the corridor. If you run in and keep to the right the guard will spot you before he enters the corridor you're in and start firing into the wall and make an easy target. Further down the side corridor is another guard. Shoot him and pick up the ammo at the top of a crate.

Go back to the main corridor, around a bend to a door. Behind this door are two guards, one straight ahead a bit to the right and one to the left. When you've killed the first one, notice that you can be seen from outside the building. If you're very unlucky the guard patrolling around the building will be at the entrance and shoot at you. If so, strife away from him, he won't enter the building.

After dismissing the second guard inside the building, check your map to see the patrolling path of the guard patrolling around the building and then sneak up in his back (it might be difficult to see on the map, but the exit of the building is to the west.

Lvl12 02.jpg
Lvl12 03.jpg

There is a guard patrolling with a mean Minimi around the fallen building west of the exit of the elevator building. Check your map so that you can take him in the back as well (screenshot to the left). Keep an eye on the guard patrolling at the top of the wall.

Now turn around and go to the corner of the wall and enter through the door. Climb the ladder, but not completely to the top. If you go just high enough to see the doors the patrolling guard will walk past and not notice you. When he has passed climb up and shoot him with an AK47 headshot. Go west on the top of the wall. Watch the guard across on the wall through the binoculars. Don't go closer than 75 meters when he's facing your way. When he starts to go right (north) run forward so that you can shoot him nicely in the neck.

Lvl12 04.jpg
Lvl12 05.jpg

Look to the left. A guard will shoot at you. Don't worry, he's firing into the wall, so you can calmly zoom in with the binoculars and kill him with the AK47. If he's too far away you can duck behind the wall and watch the map and then show up when he's closer.

Then zoom in the guard at the roof of the Security building and pick him with the AK47. (No need to waste Dragunov-ammo).

There are two more guards patrolling at the top of the wall around the big yard with the Security building. Get rid of them with the Dragunov. Then go down the stairs to the ground.

You shall now go through the opening in the wall close to the Guard's HQ. You can't enter through the gates, so you'll need to cross the yard, go up on the wall again and then down at the tower close to the Security building (It is possible to go around the APC depot and jump over the fence).

Lvl12 06.jpg
Lvl12 07.jpg

When you're at the opening in the wall, look at your map so that you can get the guard patrolling inside with his back to you. Run in and shoot him in the back. Don't run too far into this new yard, since another guard might spot you. Shoot him. Shoot the two guards at the top of the wall with Dragunov. Shoot the guard at the balcony of the next Guard's HQ. Enter the closest barrack and pick up the Dragunov. Enter the office building and pick up the Medkit. Go through the office building and climb up to the top of the wall.

Lvl12 08.jpg
Lvl12 09.jpg

There are three guards patrolling the ground close to the Guard's HQ. Use Dragunov to kill them. Go north on the wall. Walk out on the next wall and shoot the two guards in the watchtowers. Continue out to where the wall ends. Toggle to walk mode so that you can get out on the very edge. From here you can shoot two more guards (see screenshot).

Lvl12 10.jpg

Go back and down to the ground. There are two more guards at the top of the walls and one lurking at the other balcony of the Guard's HQ. You can let the latter live if you'd like, he won't spot you. Now you shall get into the ammo depot. Either you go up on the wall (see map) or you can jump into the yard close to the ammo depot via the rocks that can be seen in the screenshot.

Lvl12 11.jpg
Lvl12 12.jpg

There's a guard waiting just inside the door of the ammo depot. Use mp5 and shoot while the door is opening. Then take the ladder down. There's a guard just inside the next door to the left and another behind the hood of a truck. Shoot them. Walk outside, through the opening in the wall and into the next elevator building. Press the button to call for the elevator and ride down.

There are two guards waiting when the elevator comes down, one straight ahead a little to the right and the other one far to the left, almost behind you. Kill them and continue to the next room.

Two more guards are waiting. One straight ahead, a little to the left and the other one is lurking to the right of the door. These are the last guards in this level. When you move towards the room, the guard beside the next door will start firing at you. As you approach the tunnel from the elevator, keep distance between you and the entrance which leads to the next room and has two Spetsnaz soldiers in such a way that the guard beside the next door can't see you. Equip the Mp5 and zoom in. Move slowly towards the right and be ready for the fight. As you see the guard, shoot and kill him. Another one is lurking at the entrance, right to you. You can equip here AK47, Minimi or Mp5 according to your desire. Move slowly towards left aiming towards the remaining guard. You should aim the guard for a headshot. When the guard locates you near the entrance, kill him with a bold headshot.

Continue through the door straight ahead. There is a corridor to the left leading to the same room that the main corridor ends in.

Lvl12 13.jpg

In the room, you'll find a helicopter and a control room. Climb the stairs and enter the control room. Once the door to the room closes the level finishes, you can only watch the final scenes. Anya talks about the bomb Ekk has constructed and eventually the level ends with a cutscene where Ekk enters the helicopter and escapes. So much work for nothing. :(

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