Project IGI Databank

The Flashbang is a harmless explosive that temporarily blinds enemies when detonated. Much like a grenade, it must be armed and thrown, shortly after which the screen will turn white and the player may move unseen. This lasts for a few seconds.

Project IGI

In Project IGI, Flashbang is found on certain locations in the game.

IGI 2: Covert Strike

In IGI 2:Covert Strike, Flashbang can only be used in the multiplayer. In the singleplayer mode, however, enemies sometime use flashbang against player, but it cannot be found on their bodies.


Project IGI

  • SAM Base: 3 are found in the warehouse which has C4 explosives
  • Radar Base: 3 are found in warehouse
  • Missile Trainyard: 3 are given at the beginning of the mission
  • Finding the bomb: 3 are found in a cabin located in the room before the room which has sentry gun control

IGI 2: Covert Strike

  • Multiplayer only



  • It is referred to as "Flashbang" in the pick-up message, but labeled "FlashBang" in the HUD during gameplay of Project IGI.
  • In Project IGI, 3 flashbangs are always found in a mission.
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