The Chinese military appears in all the Chinese levels and the last Libyan level. They are a faction of the PLA and headed by General Wu Xing, who plans to launch a rocket carrying nuclear payload. They use the AK-47 and the FN Minimi as their primary weapons.There are S.W.A.T. soldiers too.They carry [Type 64 SMG] with them usually. They wear olive green uniform & a helmet on their head.

Some of their coonversations are :

  • Nash-a-say
  • Kha-chu-na-ri
  • Ser-jee
  • Opo-sin-sey
  • Lat-sim-ho
  • Erubi-shu-dhol-ah
  • Say-chu-nari
  • Nah
  • Ish-ei-siha