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C4 explosives are available in certain missions of both IGI games. These are usually found in enemy bases. They cannot be used like a typical weapon or Hand Grenade though the action key will make Jones setup the bomb on certain targets.

Project IGI

C4 explosives are first used to destroy anti-air SAM launchers, which provided anti-air support to the Military Air Base, where Josef Priboi was imprisoned. They were again used to demolish large fuel dumps to make Jach Priboi flee from his base, which would lead him to his capture at the hands of Captain Harrison and his team. In both cases, C4 explosives were acquired from enemy warehouses. However, during first case, they were detonated remotely by Jones, while second time they were detonated after some time.

In Project IGI, C4 is in the shape of a small, square box with a timer at the front.

IGI 2: Covert Strike

C4 explosives were first used to destroy a bridge in order to stop a convoy transporting prototype Electromagnetic pulse chips. They were again used in Libya in order to create a distraction, so that Priboi could be freed from a hotel, in which he was held captive. Both times C4 explosives were timed detonated, and were obtained from enemy bases.

C4 appears in IGI 2:Covert Strike in the form of a medium sized explosive bag, with a timer attached to it.

In Multiplayer mode, C4 explosives are included in player's inventory, and can be dropped and picked up like other weapons, though it cannot be used like them.


Project IGI

  • SAM Base: Found on a crate in a warehouse
  • Get Priboi: Found on a crate in the large warehouse

IGI 2:Covert Strike



  • C4 appears in two missions of both Project IGI and IGI 2:Covert Strike.
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