AK-47 is an all-purpose automatic assault rifle, that is effective from distances although it is not scoped. It is usable for close-quarter battles, since like a submachine weapon, it has a good reload-rate.

Project IGI: Edit

It is the most common weapon used by enemies; each dropped AK-47 contains 32 rounds.

At long distances, it has somewhat mediocre accuracy and is usable at 150 meters or less, compensate by firing many three-round bursts. Enemies won't spot the shooter, and won't retaliate.

At short distances, it is very accurate and powerful. It could work as a great replacement to the deadly Jackhammer shotgun.

Despite this gun's commonness, there is no ammo box for it, even though a 7.62mm ammo box exists in game data files.

AK-47 that appears in game is actually a Zastava M70 B1, which can be distinguished by the three-holed handguard.

IGI 2: Covert Strike:Edit

AK 47 is again the most common weapon used by enemies, containing 30 rounds. At medium and hard difficulty, the dropped AK-47's have partially loaded magazines, which is the same to nearly all firearms in the game. It is typically wielded by Russian and Libyan guards, and Chinese base defense and strike teams.

Rate of fire of AK-47 is reduced to 600 RPM, but still it is useful at long and short ranges.

It has excellent accuracy making it an ideal replacement to a sniping rifle. Even when firing single rounds a headshot will result in an instant kill.

At short distances, AK-47 is very accurate and deadly being able to kill in 1-2 rounds. However, it is a noisy weapon and immediately alerts guards to the player's presence, and causes a commotion that eventually brings enemy reinforcements to the scene. But, it is effective if the player can fire quickly and accurately at moving targets, since the enemy will never stand still with the player in sight.

AK-47 in-game is a Norinco Type 56-1, as evidenced by its hooded sight and folding stock.

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Project IGI: Edit

 IGI 2: Covert Strike: Edit


* = I.G.I.: I'm Going In only
** = I.G.I.-2: Covert Strike only
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